Why Work with Horses?


To learn and experience IEP’s leadership guiding principles, through working with horses as a way of anchoring the learnings in our bodies and mind for easy and automatic access in times of need.  The guiding principles are:  focus, respect, boundaries, consistency, trust, willingness, co-operation, dependability, confidence, patience, enjoyment, responsibility, timing, and team building.

To learn and experience with horses what a willing partnership looks and feels like and how to achieve this relationship, which is the key to good leadership.

To bring people and horses together to learn better non-verbal communication skills.

To work together, in teams, to build trust, respect, and camaraderie between known and unknown participants.

They tolerate us.

They are available - P.S. we like them!

They are excellent teachers.

They are big enough; we have to pay attention to them.

The horses and facilitators help the participants understand non-verbal communication - occasionally we YELL!

Their social structures are similar to ours.

The horsemanship methods used are those modified from great teachers such as Bill, Tom Dorrence, Leslie Desmond, Ray Hunt, Buck Brannaman, and Martin Black.

Four programs are currently available.

1. Full Program

one full day, morning and

afternoon session

(max 18 participants)

2. Corporate Leadership Fun Day

1 day, 2 hour session, lunch at

the Powder Horn Saloon in Bragg

Creek, trail ride with Moose

Mountain Adventures

3. Ladies Fun Day

1 day, 2 hour session, lunch at

the Powder Horn Saloon in Bragg


4. Half Day Program

1 day, 2 hour session

5.  Custom Program

Contact us to discuss


Not included in all programs but could be arranged through us:

-lunch or dinner in the village and/or

-trail rides through a local outfitter.

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